Delavnica o mikrokrmilnikih STM32 v Ljubljani

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Delavnica o mikrokrmilnikih STM32 v Ljubljani

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Ravnokar dobil po emailu in se že prijavil. 10. oktober v Ljubljani. Ali 10. november, kot je bilo za izbrati v prijavi?

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STM32 development ecosystem hands-on workshop
Discover the best software practices to quickly and easily reach your development targets
STM32 software tools help embedded designers overcome software constraints.

Join our free-of-charge STM32 software tools hands-on workshop.,207654d,2089c1e

Who should attend this workshop?

    Engineers looking to easily develop on any STM32 32-bit microcontroller
    Engineers looking forward to understanding the various software offers available
    Developers looking for a way to improve the performance of their current microcontroller applications

What are the STM32 software tools?

The STM32Cube comprehensive software tool consists of STM32Cube embedded software libraries including the hardware abstraction layer (HAL), which ensures high portability between different STM32 series, and our new low-layer (LL) APIs, a lightweight and performance-oriented set of APIs.

Moreover, you will use SW4STM32, a free-of-charge GCC-based Eclipse IDE; STM Studio, a run-time variable monitoring and visualization tool; and STM32CubeMX, a graphical interface for configuring the embedded firmware.

Benefits you will take away

    Complete understanding of how to use STM32Cube to configure and generate code with the SW4STM32 toolchain
    How to efficiently migrate a project between STM32L0 and STM32L4 microcontrollers
    Tips and tricks to optimize software performance and footprints using STM32 low-layer APIs
    Strong practical experience on using these tools on your own applications

Are you looking for hands-on training to deepen your embedded knowledge and learn new techniques? This is THE place to be!

Every attendee will receive a free STM32 Nucleo kit.

There is no charge to participate in this event, but you must register through

If you already have a myST account, REGISTER here.

If you do not have a myST account, click here to create your account and register.

Dates and locations
City    Date
Zürich, Switzerland                    September 20, 2016
Berlin, Germany    October 5, 2016
Prague, Czech Republic    October 5, 2016
Hamburg, Germany
   October 6, 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia    October 11, 2016
Munich, Germany    October 12, 2016
Budapest, Hungary    October 13, 2016
Kista, Sweden    October 19, 2016
Stuttgart, Germany    October 19, 2016
Freiburg, Germany    October 20, 2016
Helsinki, Finland    October 25, 2016
Frankfurt, Germany    October 26, 2016
Dortmund, Germany    October 27, 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark    October 27, 2016
Manchester, United Kingdom            November 1, 2016
Warwick, United Kingdom    November 2, 2016
Bristol, United Kingdom    November 3, 2016
Dublin, Ireland    November 8, 2016
Glasgow, United Kingdom    November 15, 2016
Paris, France    November 15, 2015
Rennes, France    November 17, 2016
Krakow, Poland    November 22, 2016
Wroclaw, Poland    November 24, 2016
Grenoble, France    November 25, 2016
Sheffield, United Kingdom    November 29, 2016
Cambridge, United Kingdom    November 30, 2016
Sopot, Poland    December 6, 2016
Eindhoven, Netherlands    December 6, 2016
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