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A couple days ago I scored a 2400 mile reception report on a WSPR beacon with only 3 mW. I then scored Japan and Spain on 1.25W.

Now I built myself a CW transceiver and got Las Vegas, NV (850 Miles) today! I just received a confirmation from the guy I had the QSO so I cannot wait to share!

This thing started off as just wondering if I could build an upconverter on a breadboard....then it was a WSPR beacon with your guy's help, then it turned into a full blown CW transceiver. So don't give up on the hobby if you can't afford a thousand dollar rig, or the best antenna.

The antenna is a 60 foot wire dipole run with RG59 TV coax that was in the garbage. It's strung up with cotton thread. The receive portion is an RTL-SDR with an SA612 upconverter.

Starting with the breadboard on the far right furthest from the front - SA612 Upconverter with an SI5351 board running the 125MHz Oscillator. The center board is a low pass filter, and the BS170 FET Amplifier to take us up to 1.25W and a chunk of aluminum as a heat sink. On the left is the T/R switch with the coax, and the morse key on the bottom there.

The output is very clean with the filter and while it looks like an absolute mess, it works great! Don't ask for a schematic though. hihi

This was mainly a challenge. I've been licensed for 6 years and still don't own a rig more than an FM HT. I wanted to share this as to encourage others out there. I was told by so many people that this wouldn't work -- it only made me try harder just to prove them wrong. The total cost is about $10 with the most expensive part being the Si5351 if you don't include the antenna, or SDR.
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